ODR's Organisational Effectiveness Framework offers a comprehensive system with tools and techniques for diagnosing issues, devising fit for purpose strategies and aligning those factors that ensure an organisation's objectives are achieved. Focused on both efficiencies (activities) and effectiveness (results) our alignment framework identifies the enablers together with inefficiencies and waste. When all of the systems and elements are properly aligned, maintained and response capable a viable, reliable and sustainable state of organisational effectiveness is achieved.

  • Drivers:  Purpose, mission, strategic analysis, strategic and scenario planning, structural design, monitoring and measures, scaling up/down, business development, sustainability and risk mitigation, critical success factors.
  • Operating Model: Value proposition, stakeholder relationships, operational planning, tactical response, workforce planning, supplier management, customer segments and market positioning.
  • Enablers:  Resource frameworks, culture, policies, processes and practices, performance systems, monitoring and control mechanisms.
  • Capability & Capacity: Talent management, structural efficiency, leadership, teamwork, career management, succession planning.
  • Customer: Customer focus, cycles of service, value alignment, market intelligence, cross functional efficiencies. 
  • Renewal:  Evaluate and adapt, utilisation and efficiency analysis, organisational learning, continuous improvement and realignment, future proofing.
  • Results:   Effectiveness - achieving objectives, improved financial performance, profitability and shareholder value,  market position, employee engagement, customer satisfaction and retention, waste elimination, safety, return on asset, viability & Sustainability.

The performance and therefore effectiveness of any system is a function of how well the parts fit and work together. In other words, how well they are aligned. Our experienced team brings years of hands on business and consulting expertise working through the alignment challenge at individual, team and organisational levels.  Using decades of hands on experience, we utilise our purpose designed assessments, tools and consulting techniques to facilitate, coach and guide. We partner with leadership teams to identify and map critical success factors, key resources, key activities, transition steps and risk management to close the gap between strategic intent and delivering results.

Organisation development transcends functional organisational boundaries considering the organisation a holistic set of systems within a broader environmental system. Our role is to identify and align the elements that build the viability and sustainability of organisational outcomes - success.

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