Achieving the state of peak performance called Flow and the deep sense of engagement, satisfaction, happiness and creativity that accompanies it, is both an art and a science. This program provides this in process and strategies. Participants navigate the balance between having a deep knowledge of their self, interests and motivations, having an aligned career and work context and the ability to identify and navigate the critical factors that contribute to each individual’s personal flow.

The state of flow is intrinsically motivating and deeply rewarding. Athletes describe this state as being in the zone, when everything “clicks” into place. People who experience flow at work describe it as the passion that comes from doing your best and working to your heart’s content. The benefits for individuals, teams and the organisations in which they work are that flow increases productivity, reduces stress and maximises their impact.

Our Personal Effectiveness workshops develop the competency or knowledge, skills and attitudes for being effective in life and relationships. Our Mastery program provides a process by which participants develop the mental and physical game plan to use their personal resources to maximise their efficiency and effectiveness.

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