Your career is an arena in which the elements of yourself are given expression. At an individual level the elements composing our careers provide the structure and framework in which you either achieve effectiveness or not. It makes a tangible difference in our self-efficacy, the way we approach our work and impact those we work and interact with, when we properly align our deepest interests, passions and capabilities within a career that truly embodies who we are. Aligning the elements of your career to either free up your capability or eliminate what is hindering you directly contributes to your effectiveness. It also determines whether you achieve, feel job satisfaction and are engaged.

From selecting career aspirations, to navigating career transitions or aligning your career with your soul’s purpose, this program enables you to focus your talents and make the kind of contribution that inspires you every day.

  • Discover your vocational passion
  • Advance within your profession
  • Change your profession
  • Improve your current job
  • Align your personal and professional priorities
  • Create a healthy balance between work and life
  • Overcome burnout
  • Relocation or transfer
  • Re-enter the work force
  • Navigate and achieve promotion
  • Managing office politics and a difficult co-worker or boss
  • Release yourself from a job that is currently inhibiting your success
  • Looking to make your career feel authentic
  • Recover from being downsized or laid off
  • Wanting a sense of purpose and flow every day
  • Ready for a career that engages your soul

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