The operating model of each team is as important as the organisation's operating model is to its effectiveness. Often teams have too little "design" in their processes resulting in a lot of activity but very little achievement. Further, even initially effective processes become unproductive over time as the organization moves to meet dynamic markets and changing objectives. When processes cease to fit current realities, roles drift out of alignment, relationships become strained, miscommunication occurs and inevitably business results suffer.

Team effectiveness or the ability of its members to achieve objectives is more than team work or the way the different personalities within the team interact. Factors such as team structure, roles and work flow design between team roles and other stakeholders affect their ability to get the work done. ODR’s consultants assist with minimising the impact of interpersonal issues, high turnover and reduced productivity poorly defined team composition causes through;

  • Evaluating fit for purpose team structure, roles, tasks and workflows
  • Aligning its function within the organisational structure
  • Examining interdependencies within the team and with other teams
  • Determining sufficient capability and capacity of the team to the demands
  • Team, leader, individual role positioning
  • Building teaming capability within the team.
  • Role analysis and design

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