A key enabler at organisational, team and individual levels, aligned leadership ignites and empowers people to perform. Our consulting services provide leaders with actionable and measurable development appropriate to improving their effectiveness within their team context. Our consultants have extensive leadership training, experience and have been measured through 360 degree assessment to be effective transformational leaders themselves. As consultant coaches, they assist leaders identify those factors critical to their success in current and future team contexts and select the most appropriate learning approach whether assessment, tool, behavioural plant, capability/competency development, personal or professional development for the challenges each individual leader faces.

Our leadership solutions are formed at the crossroads where leadership, strategy and culture meet. We engage leaders in putting their learning into action where the greatest performance improvement occurs and where companies reap the greatest return on investment. Our coaching programs include;

The Effective Leader: This individual program coaches an individual leader through identifying the barriers (internal and external) to their personal leadership effectiveness. Am action plan is devised and implemented, targeted projects for implementing their learning and results are measured and reported.

The Adaptive Leader: Coaching to mobilise individuals to handle tough challenges or when there are no easy solutions available in an increasingly complex world. Adaptive leaders learn to manage and navigate the complex context through experimentation. They cultivate diverse viewpoints. Through coahcing they generate viable options, leading with empathy and rewarding their employees’ performance with autonomy and independence and find winning solutions for all stakeholders.

Authentic Leadership: For the leader ready to step up to the challenge of being true to their authentic self. In this program the leader is coached through building, aligning and empowering cultures of accountability and responsibility.

Transformational Leadership: The most research validated model of effective leadership for creating organisational results including team Satisfaction and Extra Effort. Provided with proven behaviours to experiment with their teams, leaders are coached to improve their ability to coach and inspire their team to greater accountability, capability and effort.

Leadership Team Effectiveness: Whether the executive or a management team, or a group of team leaders, our programs for optimizing leadership impact and presence, builds on strengths and embed the behaviours that enable and align teams to greater effect. Identify and focus leadership team’s effort on the unique issues that block their effectiveness.

Our workshop program’s train the foundational leadership competencies (knowledge, skills and attitudes) and these programs assess the current capability of the leader and focus their development on being effective and releasing their potential.

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