An individual is effective when they can access, integrate and utilize all of their personal resources and are enabled to achieve both their personal and professional goals. Our programs provide the tools, techniques and practices for individuals, their teams and their organisations to maximize the potential of each individual within their unique personal context. We assist and enable individuals to access and integrate their self-efficacy so that their belief and capability to succeed is significantly enhanced.

Align Your Self:   Clarity & direction, authenticity, purpose, aligned values, personal transformation & the courage to answer a calling.

Align Your Career: Capability development & retention, unblock & release potential, goal alignment & aligned effort, engagement & intrinsic motivation.

Coaching:  Emerging , extending & transforming staff capability , aligning goals, effort & achievement, unblock & release potential, career, personal & professional development, competency to inspire & motivate, efficient use of resources.

Mastery:  Authenticity & peak performance, extending effectiveness, cohesive interpersonal & stakeholder relationships, released capability & achievement of flow & personal authority.

Construct Your Role:  Role clarity & fit, professional presence & resilience, self-motivation & accountability, improved customer & stakeholder relationships, targeted & aligned goals.

Renew Your Self:   Recharged & energised , reprioritise & realigned, sustained, viable performance.

Results:  Engaged, focused & directed , intrinsically motivated, authentic & enthusiastic, personal accountability & responsibility, sustainable personal performance Close Individual Effectiveness

Successful organizations are increasingly aware of the importance of engaging their people, not only in terms of their individual competency (Can Do) and their motivation (Will Do), but in terms of aligning their fit with all elements of their personal and professional context. From personal life to their work role, team and business objectives, this level of alignment empowers people with the foundations for self-efficacy, mastery and personal accountability. From knowing what it takes to be effective, to doing and applying effort effectively, to being effective consistently, our programs instil the capabilities that stretch and strengthen participants ability to break through self-imposed limitations and reach new heights of effectiveness.

We assist individual, team and organizational learning so that all members see themselves as continual learners and active contributors in the essential process of creating sustaining viability and agility to move and grow with changing environments. This results in more engaged and satisfied employees, greater efficiencies and significant, measurable performance improvement.

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