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What's Your Entrepreneurship Potential


Are you thinking  "There's gotta be a better way!" 

Evaluate your fit for entrepreneurship. 

Entrepreneurial PotentialAround the world, the economic crisis has created different career paths and driven opportunities for small business. Like never before entrepreneurship is viewed as an attractive career option for all ages.  New businesses are launched every minute and with an uncertain economy, more and more people are looking for a stream of income separate from their 9 to 5 job.

This one hour online workshop provides an opportunity for you to evaluate your personal fit for the life of an entrepreneur.  You'll be introduced to the entrepreneurial mind set and you'll explore whether you have the characteristics, capabilities, commitment, social and financial capital to launch your own business or not?  Strategies for navigating the transition from 9-5 to self-employed are explored together with strategies to avoid the land mines and pitfalls in the process.

We focus on what really matters and provide a practical start to identifying and awakening the entrepreneur within you.


  • What makes really engages you and drives you?
  • The entrepreneurial ecosystem.  What supports you and what derails you.
  • Business competence.  What knowledge, skills and attitudes do you really need to get started?
  • Thinking like an entrepreneur.
  • Making the transition and lifestyle shifts.
  • Commitment and grit.  Willpower, courage and daring.
  • Customer sourcing and retention.
  • What resources will you need?  Psychological, social and financial.
  • Entrepreneurial readiness.  What needs to be in place to launch in this career direction.
  • Participants also receive a free report "Release The Inner Entrepreneur In You."

About Your Workshop Presenters

Delia Mozer BSc MScDelia Mozer is a successful consultant, entrepreneur, careers and executive coach and Director at ODR.  Not only has she been in the trenches, tripped over a number of constraints herself and been a guide and mentor for a number of highly successful entrepreneurs, Delia's depth and breadth of knowledge and skill in psychology and human potential means she has a wealth of tools in her armory.  She has worked as an organisation development consultant across numerous sized organisation, proposing and implementing business solutions that get results.  She has both facilitated the process by which individuals have transitioned into self-employment and prevented a few with the desire but not the fit from making the tragic mistake.

Alina BuzantuDelia has asked the talented entrepreneur coach Alina Buzantu to share her experience in coaching individuals and teams through new start ups.  A licensed economist, qualified and highly experienced business developer across a number of industries, she provides sound theory and practice in the art and science of building and expanding a working customer base.  She also coaches new coaches which gives her excellent insights and skills in helping new managers launch new teams.  Even Ex Google CEO Eric Schmidt understands he needs a coach.  Click for his viewpoint on coaching.

Between them Delia and Alina will provide real life examples of where critical entrepreneurial knowledge, skills and attitudes have either launched or derailed would be entrepreneurs.


Workshop Time:  12.00 to 1.00 pm workshop + 1 hour questions (Australian EST - Brisbane)

Workshop Date:  Tuesday 2nd November 2015

Online Assessment & Certificate:   If you choose to complete the assessment at completion of the workshop, you can then download your certificate.

Access to Online Coaching:  
Access a coach to assist with your deciding if you're a good fit for entrepreneurship.

Access our online environment now and complete the Entrepreneurial Readiness assessment.

Enrolment duration: 42 days
Cost: 99(AUD)
Topics: 10