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    12 Month Subscription

    The 12 month subscription gives you access to all of the material in the online coaching categories and a dedicated coach who will guide and support you in your development.  This option is ideal for the emerging leader or start up business manager.  Together you will devise a learning and development plan where you have access to the material including tools, techniques and templates together with direction and feedback from your coach. 

    When you subscribe, you are automatically registered in ODR's online community and can gain access to the experience and perspectives of other participants, coaches and facilitators who can support your development and application of your learning.

    • Individual Effectiveness
    • Coaching & Career Management
    • Interpersonal Effectiveness
    • Customer Effectiveness
    • Professional Development
    • Leadership
    • Align Your Team
    • Operational Effectiveness
    • Align Human Resources
    • Strategic Management
    • Managing Change & Transition
    • Project Management
    • Organisation Development
    • Business Development

    You will be contacted within 48 hours to set up an online coach suitable to your requirements.

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