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 Individual Effectiveness

"The Advanced Diploma course met my expectations and more.  It was excellent, I learned a lot. The process was user friendly..staff easy to approach.  It increased the benchmark for promotion to business manager with previous experience being recognised as well. 10 out of 10.... very professional."

Janice Buchbach:  Business Manager - Queensland Health Department


"The best money I ever spent on my development.  The priority management program went beyond training me in the tools and techniques of time managment, I discovered where my struggles with time stemmed from, even my concept of time was challenged.  I now know the what, why, when, how, where and who of the mechanics and engagement of priorities to ensure the rubber hits the road and how I contribute (or not) to my effectiveness.  I am now able to stay focused on the big picture as well as well as the essential basics."

Vesta Gordon:  Supervisor - TNT Logistics


"Carol has worked in the Training and Employment industry for over 10 years, training in Hospitality, Business and Retail.  Her broader roles have varied in responsibility levels from trainer to coordinator to Manager.  Not having had the opportunity to further her education when leaving school, Carol came to Skilling Solutions Queensland as she wanted to get recognition for the skills and experience she had accumulated over 35 years of working. 

Carol undertook a recognition of prior learning pre-assessment at the Toowoomba office which resulted in a referral letter for Carol to undertake RPL for the Advanced Diploma in Business Management.  She chose Organisation Development Resources as her Registered Training Organisation and was pleased that the entire process was able to be completed via phone calls, emails and faxes.  Carol stated ODR were ‘very professional and easy to deal with’, and she ‘was amazed at how simple the process was and wished I had done it sooner’.

Carol said, ‘I have been so pleased by the friendliness and the professionalism of the consultant in Toowomba, that I have encouraged everyone I know to go through the process to get skills recognition.’  Having received her Advanced Diploma, Carol has now enrolled in University studies.  And as the Manager of the Business Development team at Toowoomba Education Centre, she proudly displays her newly acquired qualification on her business cards."

Skilling Solutions Queensland


"The Bully Busting workshops came at 'the right place right time' where help was needed with some issues.

I found it really helpful as did my colleagues.  We benefitted personally as a team as we were able to see many sides to the issue.

I would highly recommend ODR and its services to anyone."

Robyn Wales:  Training & Assessment Coordinator - Disability Services Queensland


"I can only just say this in words that are simple and from a well worn heart.  The consideration that you,Delia, have given to me over the years has made a real difference to how I see myself from within and from that external point that others use as a reference.  You really listen, ask the questions that nobody really wants to answer and then push to get to the authentic self.  Realigning the conscious self with the inner self is not an easy task, especially when one has constantly been in a controlling environment, be that family, the military or police force as I have been.  I was always expected to act in a particular manner and was swiftly brought into line when I questioned the motives of others, all I really wanted was answers, instead I received no less than harassment and  bullying.  I hope that the good work (albeit painful) that Delia is eminently qualified to offer, can help you find your authentic self, like I have."

Anita Newman:  Darwin

"I've been able to focus myself on where I want to go and what I want to do.  For a long time I had been following my father's dream of who I would be and I had lost sight - or maybe never really knew - who I really was.  It did not feel authentic.  Delia helped me with a set of assessments and exercises that honed in on my signature strengths and those things that I engage with in life.  It was the best thing I've ever done for myself.  I had to deconstruct my old automated way and reconstruct me self to be me.  My family tell me they now experience more connection with me and I certainly am more connected with my life's purpose."

Andrew Matiani:  Perth

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