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Team Effectiveness

"I've been to numerous training programs but this wasn't training.  Delia called it a 'system intervention' and only now do I understand what she meant.  We had patterns of being with each other that had grown to be comfortable and complimentary but toxic and undermined our performance.  I put it down to human nature, but Delia showed me how to dig deep and find the best in my people.  I now know my people in a way that previous to my program with ODR would have thought intrusive and unprofessional.  The irony is my people tell me weekly how engaged they are with the new way of working and I see it in their results."

Trent Singleton:  Manager - Heinz Watties


Peter Wilson"I utilised ODR’s knowledge and experience to customise, facilitate, evaluate and certify an Advanced Diploma of Business with a newly formed team I was managing. 

With ODR’s expertise I was able to achieve several outcomes.  On a professional level this process facilitated the bringing together of a new team to share experiences and knowledge, learn new techniques and approaches to change management and develop a common language and process in relation to the deployment of project outcomes, wrapped in the  certification of an Advanced Diploma. 

On an individual level ODR provided me with mentoring and feedback as I coached the team though this process and the challenges associated with team development and change management.

I highly recommend Delia, ODR and its services."

Peter Wilson:  Manager Project Deployment


Donna & Drew Nicholas“I was overwhelmed and desperate to get my business under control.  It felt like the business was running me.

Delia was awesome.  When she said I could work smarter not harder I thought she was ignoring the “hard” work I’d done to streamline our processes.  However, she kept me to basics using what she called process facilitation and worked through my best attempts to avoid the real underlying issues and the root causes contributing to my stress and anxiety.

After a week together, I took one of the lunch vans off the road losing absolutely minimal income, a good 85% of the challenges and getting balance back in my life.  With the time now available to me to think constructively and Delia coaching me in employee empowerment strategies we discovered efficiencies saving further time, effort and ultimately saving money. 

My son now says he has a real mum.   One that attends his school and sporting events.”

Donna Nicholas:  Country Roads Mobile Catering, Bendigo, Victoria


"We really struggled to find and keep quality staff and tired of the internal conflict in the team and training people up just to lose them.  ODR was hired to assist with team building and the process was more than we expected.  They focused on the how the team roles contributed to the business outcomes and where to utilise our capability to get the best ROI. 

Over the two days we identified that we were hiring on potential rather than fit, the team we thought we had was a group of individuals who were wanting exposure to our high tech methodology.  My partner and I learned more than we had invisioned and from the workshop we were then able to restructure the business and our approach to the career development of our staff to recognise what we offered to them and align their motivations so that we all were on the same page.

I highly recommend the workshop to anyone looking to get clarity on the constitution and direction of their team."

Debra Spence:  Zentec Survey


"We have developed a common trust and openness that is far beyond what I have experienced in previous roles and workplaces.  During the work we did with ODR, we found our common purpose and now our energies are focused and we all recognise each others and feel motivated to contribute from our strengths.

As a team, we are no longer prepared to allow the same issues to interfere with our effectiveness.  We know that our efficiency and therefore our sense of acheivement and well being depend on voicing our concerns, hearing the impact of what we do on our combined objectives and being able to celebrate the results.  We now have and recognise the strategies for doing that and the capability to minimise the defensive ways that used to undermine our performance."

Frank Kenness: CEO Keness Industries

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