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Organisational Effectiveness

"Finding the right performance management system and introducing it within council was perplexing.  ODR provided a cultural change perspective that enabled the new Individual Development program to be readily accepted by a workforce of mixed business maturity and areas of challenging cultural issues.  We utilised Delia's experience in cultural alignment to assist our people appreciate how the new system would be more than a performance improvement initiative and how they could make the most of the tools and processes to build and sustain their careers.

We were surprised and delighted by the consistent positive feedback we recieved from the guys working on the roads to the professional and library staff and the executive team.  All reported getting a lot out of the training, especially in terms of coaching and managing challenging behaviours whether supervisor or staff member.

Her advice to take up a coaching and personal/professional development framework and to put the system into practice by evaluating the transfer of learning to the workplace through having ODR assess the behavioural application to nationally recognised units of competency provided proved invaluable in gaining traction. Our people were both motivated to gain the certificate and were able to tap into ODR's experience and objective input on challenging issues they faced.

Delia developed and contextualised both the learning and assessment material so that all the elements of the system from policy, procedure, training and assessment were seamlessly branded."

Christine Fraser:  Human Resource Manager -  Beaudesert Shire Council


"We were being challenged by the political arm to justify our funding processes and the perceptions in the media did not match our experience within the agency.  We needed a way to capture the voice of our customers in a valid and objective way.  We selected ODR because they offered a way to map our customer interaction processes and where we might improve rather than a simple survey of customer satisfaction.

Although the initial consultation and process mapping to identify a statistically validated Arts Queensland Customer Interaction Model took some time and effort, it also engaged our staff and customers in a way a simple survey could not and yeilded outstanding data with which we could work.

The regression analysis identified both high levels of customer satisfaction overall and the specific areas we could improve our services.  It enabled us to identify where we were quite effective and where efficiencies in the process could be found.

We wanted to be sure we had the model right so we had ODR run it a second time.  The model was not only validated, but the process has proved robust in clarifying our operating model."

Sue Campin:  Executive Manager Arts & Cultural Programs:  Arts Queensland


"Thank you for your valuable contribution (Delia) to our Business Without Boundaries Workshop.

Your guidance and facilitation ensured that the day was a success.  Feedback from the workshop has been excellent and all the information that you helped us gather will be used to develop a strategy for improving business processes and the utilisation of new technologies.

Once again thank you for your professionalism and enthusiams for our workshop.  It certainly ensured the day was a success."

Ray Moore:  Chief Information Officer - Department of Primary Industries:  Business Without Boundaries Workshop


"I am pleased to be able to attest to the professional standard of services provided to myself and my organisations by Delia Mozer, Principal of Organisation Development Resources.  In my roles as HR Consultant I have chosen to engage the services of ODR to act as principle consultants for my organisations, Carlton and United Breweries (Fosters) and Redland Shire Council.

The services provided included:

Carlton & United

  • Consultancy Services: Design Outplacement Program
  • Provision of Outplacement Counseling
  • Executive Coaching

Redland Shire Council

  • Consultancy Services: Managing conflict and change
  • Mediation
  • Investigation of Grievances
  • Job Analysis and Design
  • Structural redesign
  • Facilitation of Training: Career Development, Team Building

ODR’s services have been of a very high standard with the provision of sound advice and highly customised programes based on superior analytical competency. Delia’s personal approach has been one based on high ethical standards and professional integrity."

Trish Lynn:  Human Resource Consultant

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