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Organisational Effectiveness Operating-ModelOPERATING MODEL

Bremer Institute of TAFE

Conducted a business review, strategic alignment and restructured the Business Development Division of the Institute. Developed the Change and Transition Plan for taking the Business Unit to the new functional alignment.

Resolved silo issues by developing and facilitating a Leading Change and Transition workshop engaging the Human Resource and Innovation and Improvement units in aligning strategies to build the newly formed Organisational Capability Unit.

Redland Shire Council

Conducted a business review including functional analysis, job analysis & design and resource cluster analysis and restructured the Indigiscapes Environmental Learning unit to align with organisational priorities. Achieved more effective utilisation of resources including paid employees and volunteers.

Townsville City Council

Reinvigorated the council wide change and innovation program and realigned the program to a Stewardship (organisational sustainability/viability) framework and operating model as an appropriate fit for the maturity of the business.

Drove, designed and delivered the introduction of performance management through an Achievement planning framework including policy, procedures, tools, templates and all training material.  Recruited and trained 23 volunteer facilitators and coaches across council to champion it.

Beaudesert Shire Council

Designed and project managed the WOB competency based achievement planning training to all staff including the Chief Executive.

Broke through cultural resistance through incorporating strategies for Performance Coaching, Disciplinary Procedures and mitigating Performance Appraisal Discomfort.

Evaluated the transfer of training through behavioural assessment of supervisors, managers and staff for the nationally recognised units of competency Giving & Receiving Feedback (PSPGOV315A) and Manage Performance (PSPGOV519A).

Ergon Energy Limited:  Enterprise Transformation 2010

Conducted senior stakeholder engagement to rebuild stakeholder commitment and understanding of the "Process Facilitation" operating model which was new for the business.  Translated stakeholder expectations into a change management plan incorporating Organization Development strategies to align with the Culture and Change Group's new direction. Provided coaching and support to change facilitators and project managers engaged on the various projects within the program.

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