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What types of Resources are available for purchase?

ODR offer a broad range of resources for achieving individual, team and organisational effectiveness.   A list of the different types of resources can be found here.  Our key resources include;

Personal and professional development programs:  Effectiveness begins at the individual level and we offer a range of programs designed to engage participation and align individual effots.

Online Coaching: Most of our programs are available via online coaching so you can get started now.  Click here for a complete list of currently available online programs.

Purchase Programs:  You can purchase complete program packages to run workshops internally, develop your individual skills or register yourself and/or your staff to participate in interactive online courses for professional development.

Assessments:  We also offer a range of inventories for individual, questionnaires for teams and surveys fpr organisations to facilitate the process of identifying where effort can be applied to achieve improved effectiveness.

Download an inventory of our full range of resources available for purchase.  pdfODR Resources Inventory.pdf

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