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What happened to ODR's Registered Training Organisation status?

ODR's purpose is to provide strategy, solutions and capability to acheive effectiveness for individuals, teams and organisations.  In the 7 years that we were registered to deliver nationally recognised training every one one of the qualifications and the national quality frameworks were revised and updated.  We are committed to continuous improvement of the system however these tasks took time and effort from our core pupose and effectiveness.

The decision to focus our people on core business and partner with other RTOs to resource the intensive compliance aspects of nationally recognised training has released the potential that was tied up in our core people.  Our renewed business model is now a strong alignment of our vision and purpose and enables greater innovation in our services.

All participants in our nationally recognised programs successfully completed their qualifications.  A few participants were found placements with other RTOS to ensure their opportunity to qualify.

ODR holds in archive all previously assessed and issued qualifications and units of competency and previous participants can access their information for re-issue of qualifications or under Freedom of Information.  This service incurs an administration fee to retrieve the material from archive and post it to you.

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